The web finder to help people training without having to pay a gym membership.

User Interface Design

The project is still a work in progress and we have already resolved the desktop and mobile version pages.

Airbnb and inspired our search bar.

Ideation and Moodboard

The design of the service was based on booking accommodation websites.

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We got excited with the idea of creating an organic database that would continuously grow thanks to the information that can be contributed by active users.

The team had different discussions regarding the content of the database. To differentiate our product from what is available on Google Maps, we decided not to include any venue where payment is required.

Arket´s website with a predominantly white background.

The colour palette was formed by blues based on the sea tones. We used the brown as a complementary and contrast colour for the CTA. We also wanted a clean look and feel inspired in the Nordic fashion brands like Ane Studios or Arket.

Do you want to see the mobile version?

The Challenge

In the city of Barcelona, there are plenty of places where people can exercise for free during the whole year due to the mild weather but it can be hard for newcomers to find these locations.


Providing a search engine and map that indicates to people locations to exercise for free depending on sport, venue and/or time criteria.