Santa Caterina's Market

New website for Barcelona's iconic food shopping destination.

Based on the user interview results, the team disregarded the necessity of creating a mobile application, in favour of improving the website and the Whatsapp service.

User Personas

The research confirmed the user personas we had in mind: Montse, a local middle-aged professional woman and, Stanislaw, a young foreign resident in Barcelona.


As mentioned, we centred our efforts into improving the website and the market´s WhatsApp. We focused on the development of the Ready-to-Cook Boxes, pre-set packs with all the necessary ingredients and recipe to cook a dish.

We decided to re-direct the online shopping service to Manzaning, an existing online shopping platform used by most of the Markets in Barcelona. We based the website wireframing on the analysis of several food markets´ websites. El Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona and Borough Market in London were the most relevant references. We could establish the categories, the subcategories and the industry conventionalisms to use in our site.



We did the wireframing and the first round of user testing with Axure. The outcome of the testing to 4 people was:

Do you want to see the full wireframing?

User Interface Design

The initial colour palette was very colourful (because of the Santa Caterina´s Market roof inspiration) but it became really hard to control. We ended up reducing the palette, and green became the main colour because of its association with organic and natural values.

Initial colour palette